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Dear ???,
I strongly support the creation of an Ancient Forest National Park in Northern California and Southern Oregon to biologically join together wilderness areas, roadless areas, a national recreation area and wild and scenic rivers into one cohesive land management unit for the protection of ancient forest plants, animals and fish. As outlined on the
Ancient Forest National Park Proposal ( ) we need to set aside a solid block of land approximately 3.5 million acres from the Rogue River in Oregon to the Yolla Bolly Mountains in California that will forever allow the free migration of species from the coast and Redwood National Park to semi arid inland canyons. The park should include already established wilderness areas and already designated critical wildlife areas along with unprotected roadless areas; very steep and mostly uninhabited country. The area proposed as Ancient Forest National Park is vast, but for the survival of species in this era of climate change and major fires, it needs to be. There has to be room for the constant change in habitat types that comes with what is truly wild. The most rugged and scenic remnant of what was a coast to coast wilderness just 200 years ago, the reason this area has survived in tact is because people have fought and fought again for its preservation. Most of the area has been set aside in a piecemeal fashion with no thought given to species migration.

Here’s a quote from the World Wildlife Fund’s website:
“The Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion is considered a global center of biodiversity (Wallace 1982), an IUCN Area of Global Botanical Significance (1 of 7 in North America), and is proposed as a World Heritage Site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve (Vance-Borland et al. 1995). The biodiversity of these rugged coastal mountains of northwestern California and southwestern Oregon has garnered this acclaim because the region harbors one of the four richest temperate coniferous forests in the world (along with the Southeastern Conifer forests of North America, forests of Sichuan, China, and the forests of the Primorye region of the Russian Far East), with complex biogeographic patterns, high endemism, and unusual community assemblages.”
In Oregon and California we have one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. It is now threatened by massive logging.

International pressure is what it takes to keep a wild area from being destroyed. People from Japan, Russia, Mexico, Africa, would all be aghast if the US government was going to log off one of our national parks, wouldn’t they? But, because it doesn’t have national park notoriety, people from just a few miles away don’t even know the Klamath Siskiyou exists.
Take Virunga National Park as an example. Virunga is Africa’s oldest and most biodiverse park, has been on the list of “World Heritage In Danger” since 1994, as two decades of armed conflict and intense poaching by militias has taken its toll on the park’s ecosystem. Now The Democratic Republic of Congo’s prime minister has said that his government wants to find a way to explore for oil in the Virunga national park, a Unesco world heritage site , and will engage in negotiations with the UN body to “explore judiciously” for oil.

This is all over the international news. People all over the world care about Virunga.

I hope you’ll join me and advocate in any way you can for Ancient Forest National Park.
Watch this great little film about the Klamath-Siskiyou.

Ancient Forests of the Klamath-Siskiyou

Thanks and best wishes,
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